Sagesse - Retraite - Santé


SRS is a major player in private health care and medico-social care in France today.

The company combines its business expertise with financial investors and contributes with them to the rapid growth of portfolio companies.

SRS holds a significant real estate portfolio, which supports the operations of its health care and medico-social care subsidiaries.

SRS benefits from a stable team since its early days and has accumulated considerable experience in the management of healthcare institutions such as, retirement homes and clinics, as well as in financial management.

SRS is passionate about the companies in which it has invested and about supporting their growth as long as possible.


A special attention for seniors.

The ability to find solutions , whether human, financial or technical.

A result-oriented culture based on consistency.
Strict budget control is one of the keys to the growth of subsidiaries.

Quality and precision.
Say what you do and do what you say.

Empathy , the faculty of negotiation and the culture of compromise.

Whether it is majority controlling or minority shareholder of reference, SRS has until today been able to remain a relevant shareholder by providing sound advice to the management of the companies it supports.